Tanah Lot
Situated at southwest Bali Tabanan regency. Built on a large rock, cut of from the mainland at high tide, this is one of Bali’s most spectacular sunset sights.

Uluwatu located in southwest Bali. This is precariously located at the point of a sheer cliff on the island’s southern peninsula.

About 20 kilometers north of Denpasar, lay the woodcarving center of Mas, a village of high caste Brahmin families. This village, which has a special place in Balinese history, is home to many excellent woodcarving shops

Mount Batur
Mount Batur is one of 129 historically active volcanoes in Indonesia, and certainly among the most spectacular.

Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua is another Bali Beach resort that shows swaying coconut trees and clear blue sea.

Located in west Bali, the beach is also one of the best surfing spots in the Island. The place is also the longest left of shore of the island. Surfers must come early if they want to avoid onshore winds. The swell is generally smaller than at Kuta Beach.

Singaraja was main Bali’s port during the Dutch occupation. But now the traffic has moved south, leaving the area in peace.

The regency of Bangli cover two distinct geographical area the volcanic uplands of the Batur and Kintamani area.

Is a centre for windsurfing, parasailing, and other water sports. Visitors go to Sanur beach for it’s calm and quiet lagoon area.

Pura Besakih
Pura Besakih situated at Karangasem regency in Northeast Bali. This is most important temple in Bali with great views of Mt. Agung.

Another dazzling tourist attraction offers freshwater springs, located in the northern part of Bali. Banjar as if a center of activity for Balinese people in ngambel (running their customs). Even, is the indicator of self image for Balinese in expressing their social attitude and friendship they have.

Kebun Raya
Kebu Raya Bedugul is well known for it’s wide selection of plants. Encompassing 120 hectares, the gardens were established in 1959 as a branch of the Bogor National Botanical Garden. There is a large collection of native plants and over 500 specimens of orchids.

Tampaksiring used to be the centre for the Hindu Religion in Bali, and has within it’s borders two the most sacred temples and relics on the Island.

The place is one of the Bali’s highland retreats, situated 1400 meters above sea level. The three lakes of the area provide the water for the fields, rivers and springs on the plains below. Lush pine forests make for clean air. The area is renowned for it’s fruit and vegetables.

Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga is the site of a beautiful palace by the water. The Palace offers a great piece and contains a network of pools and swimming pool fed by natural spring, surrounded by some of the most beautiful rice terraces in Bali.

Sangeh is one of the most famous monkey forest located in the district of Badung. It is a forest of Nutmeg trees with hundreds of monkey in habitant and Bukit Sari Temple in the middle of it.

The most well known tourist resort of Indonesia, with marvelous white sandy beach and beautiful sunset

West National Park
Covers about 70.000 hectares and famous for white staring (Leucopsar Rot Child) and wild bull (Boos Javanicus).

Candi Dasa
Candi Dasa is an entryway to East Bali Compared to the resorts in Southern part of Bali, Candi Dasa is much simpler as it still offers an escape from the hassles of the more populated tourist areas.

Bukit Jambul

A stunning fertile rice fields terrace surrounding the areaof Bukit Jambul, well known for it’s reputation as a tourist destination. With a cool air and enjoyable atmosphere, Bukit Jambul is a perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate.

Museum Le Mayeur
Located in Sanur. This is the Dutch painter Museum Le Mayeur who lived there and marriage with Ni Polok, one of the best dancers in Bali. In this Museum visitor can see many Mayeur’s painting.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana
GWK is the newest statue, but still under construction. Located at Southwest Bali with in immense size, the GWK is expeted to draw the attention of potential visitors within a wide area of sight.

Ubud is a centre of the arts and located 25 Kilometers from Denpasar. The place is spectacularly set among lush rice paddies and the stunning hillsides of central Bali, Ubud harbors a number of palaces and temples, museums and art galleries.

Goa Gajah
Goa Gajah are caves discovered in 1954 at the bottom of a valley, in particular composed of the Elephant cave which dates from second century and which was used as retirement to the monks and to hermits. The place is situ.

Pura Jagatnatha
The outstanding feature of the Jagatnatha Temple in Denpasar is it’s towering padmasana (lotus throne) shrine proclaiming loyalty to the deity Sanghyang Widhi Wasa, head of the godly gathering on Bali. This is a choice place to observe full moon ceremonies.

Museum Propinsi Bali

Located in Denpasar. This museum was established in 1932. Archaeological artifacts, dance masks, handicraft, paintings.

Ancient village of the original Balinese with specific tradition and custom, accessible by boat over the lake of Batur.

The spectacular mountainous region around Kintamani – with it’s deep Crater Lake and bubbling hot springs make this region a must on any Bali itinerary. The evening can get cool up here but it’s well worth the stay overnight to climb the volcano and watch the sun rises.

Capital town of Klungkung District, known for the old court of justice Kerta Gosa
The literally meaning of Penelokan is the perfect place to view the fascinating volcano & Lake Batur.

Known for Royal Temple Taman Ayun Surrounded by moat with Manusa Yadnya Museum nearby.

Air Sanih
Located 17 kilometers from Singaraja, the cool seashore attraction offers a tranquil black sand beach, which is enjoyable for swimming. The main attraction of Air Sanih is a natural swimming pool of fresh water upsurge from an under.
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