1. Ubud Arts & Crafts Tour
( 09.00 am – 02.00 pm )

This tour gives an introduction to the countryside, life, arts and crafts of Bali. Stopping at three villages renowned for their craftsmanship in silver, woodcarvings and paintings.

In CELUK, you will see skilled artisans creating jewelry and ornaments out of fine filigree strand. In MAS, you can watch fine carvers work on ebony, jackfruit and coconut wood. Famous Balinese style paintings are to be found in their thousands at UBUD, where artists have gathered for over 50 years.

Visit the southern cliff’s of Bali. Rocky precipes drop almost 100 meters to the ocean. The famous small Temple of Pura Luhur Uluwatu balances picturesquely on the cliff’s edge. Dating from the 10th century, it is one of the six temples of the world revered by all Balinese.

* Sunset is subject to weather conditions.

09.00 am - 01.00 pm

Admire what our capital city has to offer. Located in the center is the attractive Puputan Square. Explore the Bali Museum, Bajra Sandhi. With its art collection that ranges from prehistoric finds to early 20th century art. On display also are scale models depicting are ritualistic Balinese tooth filling, marriage and cremation ceremonies.

Visit the colorful “pasar” (Indonesian for market). Where the local people sell their products with much haggling over prices. Take a ride in a traditional “Dokar” horse and cart. A stop at one of the new ‘supermarket’ is included – these are in fact the equivalent of a department store.

Your last stop is the Bali Arts Center, a traditional Balinese building which houses a permanent exhibition of modern paintings and woodcarvings.
Half Day and Full Day packages are available with extra hours.
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